Pale Waste

On the entire eastern portion of the plateau its as if the Second Age never ended. Evil hearted creatures and svage tribes run rampant through the region. Only a few fool hearty settlers have ever tried to carve a life of this chaos, and with only one exception, they have all failed, horribly and painfully.

Sites of Interests

Barrier Range

Forming the eastern edge of the plateau the Barrier Range is a nigh impenetrable mountain range. A single notch sitting in the middle of the range is said to be the once location of the legendary city of Quest.


Sheltered in a vale within the Barrier Range the last Ogre of Palanthis, Dern, rules with strength and wisdom over a collection of savage tribes. He has tried long to bring a certain civilization to those have have known none but has seen little success and is starting to grow long in the tooth. Many wonder what will happen when he finally fades, especially the Forged servitors that carry the burden of maintaining this infant kingdom.

Pale Waste

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