1st Age

The Old Gods formed the world and filled it with a multitude of peoples to worship them. The great empire of Palanthis forms under their divine guidance and spreads across the known world. For centuries its accomplishments are the pride of all its people. It seemed as though wondrous accomplishments in art, science, politics and magic were an everyday occurrence.

Late in the age a conspiracy formed under the guidance of the god of ambition, Del Matak. A select few of his worshipers, known as the Forsaken, wished to claim the glory of the realm for themselves and their god. Quietly this conspiracy began to foment distrust throughout society. This tension quickly filtered up into the Council of the Gods and spilled over into violence. God against God, sect against sect did Palanthis tear itself apart. And Del Matak and his Forsaken laughed.

Only at the moment crisis did the God of Protection, Voltec, see the scale and scope of the plot. Incapable of arresting it, he chose instead to contain the evil to the heart of the great empire. Using his very being he sealed off the violence, immortal and mortal alike, intent on letting its flame burn itself out before it could claim the entire world. And so ended the Golden Age of Palanthis.

2nd Age

Cut off from the heartland the outer provinces fell into themselves, and a dark age began. There where those that tried to save the order of the new world, powerful men rallied power to themselves and those few paragons and avatars left in the free world gathered the faithful. But none, neither mortal or immortal, ever again had the power to unite the world.

And millennia passed … nations and religions came and went, and the Great Empire passed first from memory and then from history.

During a great war between the Kingdom of Valmont and the Union of Hesse, the wizard Rolston Soulstaff returned from an unheard off land from beyond the Barrier Range. He returned with great power and brought an end to the war by ending all life in an area between he two nations. Rather then inspire horror, this act heralded a time of exploration and wonder as many brave groups, under the banner of the Sapphire Order, set out from Quest to explore this new realm to claim power and glory for themselves.

What they had discovered was Voltec’s prison thet held the heart of Palanthis and while they could now plunder its ancient riches, they had also released its horrors. Voltec gave the last of himself so that the boldest members of the Sapphire Order could strike at the heart of evil, Dal Matak himself. And while they had thought themselves successful, the lord of all subterfuge was too canny for such a ploy and left a simulacra in his place while he escaped.

In the Golden Isles he regathered his power for the next few centuries, but in this time so too did his surviving brothers and sisters. The Seat of Palanthis was re-established and those few Forsaken that remained were rooted out and destroyed. The world enjoyed a short calm before the storm.

When the strike came he invaded with the whole of his hosts and had them burn their boats behind them. The Golden Horde swept over every nation and carried all those deemed worthy deep into the heart of Planathis. Then, from Quest, Dal Matak began his ritual, powered by all that he had stolen from his brothers and sisters he set out to reshape the world in his own image. There in the final stroke of his greatest plan did he meet his fate at the hands of the Martyrs. Theses scions of Castius defeated Del Matak once and for all trough the sacrifice of their own divine selves.

And thus, the Age ended in a fire and wind that tore the world asunder and scattered it across all creation.

3rd Age

The current age has been a time of darkness. The greatest powers that once formed and led the world have been silenced and only through sacrifice are prayers ever answered. There are many who seek to fill this void and it seems as though new cults and sects spring up, splinter and fall every year.

With courage and strength the lands from Palanthis to the Barrier Range have survived the Cataclysm and find themselves a part of a whole new world. And while the re-burgeoning Kingdom has had to grow hard to survive the times, it has in fact thrived. So much so that its neighbors now face the choice; submit or fall into chaos.


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