Gallery Hills

This vastness of rugged terrain stretches from the base of Counsel Rock to the southern edge of the plateau. The land would seem quite barren from the surface with just few Gnomish settlements scattered about, but below ground sits the dwarven nation Kul Hem rulled over by the Godhead.

Few know how large the nation is, but a few decades ago a magical cataclysm consumed its capital Hammerfell, now only the vast pit of the Deep Sorrow reains. This has has pushed the dwarven nation to greater activity and aggression then ever before.

Significant Sites

Deep Sorrow

A great pit now reaches deeep into the earth at the former site Hammerfell. Whatever power it was that consumed the city has left a dark necromantic stain on the area. Few partys to enter the pit have ever returned and those that do tend to comback as some kind of undead horror.

Gallery Hills

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