During the 2nd age several groups gathered together in this place and established a pact of neutrality, giving normally hostile groups of deamons, devils and other creatures a place to interact. This pact established the Council of High Lords, a collection of leaders from the major enclaves in the area. While each enclave has great autonomy and authority, any aggressions between them are acted upon quickly and severely by the Council.

In the coming of the 3rd Age, it became a power centre for these same groups as well as a “safe” haven for all those that are outcast. Independent communities and petty baronies have established theselve throughtout the region under the hope f Fellstones protection. More often then not they end up at the point of their neighbours swords as more and more settlers struggle for the few reasources the region has to offer.

Most recently the Prince Regent of Palanthis has established open trade with Fellstone.

Sites of Interest


Del acts as the diplomatic and trade haven between Palanthis and Fellstone. Each has established permanent embassies here, but neither exerts an authoritative claim over the city and its surroundings. The local markets flourish under this laissez-faire attitude and its bazaars show the greatest variety of goods and services of anywhere in the known world.

Deiwold/Cemetary Woods

The Deiwold was obviously once the grandenst forest that ever existed, but long ago some putrification got into its roots and most of it now stand a lifeless husk of petrified trunks and lifeless soil. A small fragement of its ancient life and power can be found in its southern regions closest to Counsel Rock, but its hard to tell if this is a fading memory of its past or a image of a revived future.


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